Winter Store

Every winter, when Daddy was around, he would prepare for us in the fall by filling a huge ceramic crock in the basement with alternate layers of shredded cabbage and salt. Mmmmm – it smelled so good as it began to seethe and froth, running up and over the edges so that every once in awhile he would have to place a big rock on top of the cover to hold it down. I loved raw Sauer Kraut, and though now I thoroughly enjoy a plate of Sauer Kraut and Hot Dogs, it definitely was not one of my favorite meals back then.

Another “idea” he had heard about was to preserve eggs in silica gel. We had “fresh” eggs all that winter.

Some winters – Daddy kept layers of raw carrots in sandy mounds on the cellar floor. Pretty handy for a good snack, also. Potatoes, various types of winter squash, pumpkins and turnips were also stored in heaps in the cellar.

In a smaller crock Mama preserved Sour Pickles in a vinegar brine. Yummy! Grab one of those after school, if you can brave the cold cellar to get one.

Put these all together with the many makeshift wooden shelves of her canned Mackeral, Dandelion Greens (dug and cleaned by Guess Who – we kids – no matter what age – never escaped the dreary labor of digging, raking , picking, picking over, shucking, snapping, ), Blueberries, Jams and Jellies, peaches, pears, home made clover honey, green beans, stewed tomatoes,