Eleanor Fuller

Eleanor Fuller

A bright spot in our lives during one of the times my father had gone away, was a person by the name of Eleanor Fuller. Miss Fuller taught school at Appleton High. Somehow, through their associations, Eleanor and my mother became very good friends. Eleanor would come to visit us occasionally, and sometimes take my mother places. She was jovial and fun to be around. She was short and a bit stocky, with dark curly hair, and had an infectious laugh. She loved to ask us riddles and play jokes on us. My sister, Annie, was not her fan because she made her “toe the mark” in preparation for basketball games, as she was also the coach of the girl’s team. But Annie was happy when they went on to become an undefeated team that year. Personally, I fairly worshipped her as she rescued me from failing my eighth grade finals in math that year. I had lost a lot of time from school because of bellyaches and she kindly and cheerfully helped me to get through the last half of my arithmetic book.

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