The Choir Robes

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from my upcoming book, Strains of Glory – A Maine Country Scrapbook, written by my sister, Jean.

The Choir Robes

By Jean Jackson Adolphsen

Seems Mama was at it again. She had been snipping and measuring, finishing and rebuilding most of our clothes for Easter Sunday for weeks. Now there was a pile of white broadcloth on the Dining Room table and Mom was measuring again. She had basted one article together and she enlisted me as I dashed by to try it on. She slipped it quickly over my head and arms, then over my back. The choir robe came almost down to my feet! But, she said it would fit well on some of the older girls. For an instant, my 10-year-old independent, tomboy self felt like an angel. And for once, I didn’t complain, but I couldn’t help but wonder how our new Easter clothes were going to show.

The snowy white long-sleeved robes added charm and modesty to our church choir for years after.