My 11- year-old Granddaughter’s latest Mystery …

Mystery of the Blinking Light

By Carleigh Sawyer

Charlotte Overly is a ten year old detective, who wants to help her grandfather, whose house has been robbed.
Charlotte Overly’s green eyes sparkled with excitement as she pulled back her short blond hair into a ponytail. She and Timothy were going to see if they could find any clues to the robbery of her grandfather’s house.
Her grandfather’s house had been robbed a week ago. Charlotte had been with her father in New Jersey. By the time they came back they heard the news that Mr. Overly’s house had been robbed. They went to the site and that’s were Charlotte met Timothy. He had black hair, brown eyes, and was about four and a half feet tall. He was the top spy’s son and they were friends once they heard they both liked mysteries.
Charlotte hopped onto her blue bike and rode to her grampa’s house, a beautiful white mansion.
“Hi,Charlotte” Timothy said as she rode around the bend.
“Hi Tim” she said when she got to where Timothy was standing. “Find any clues yet?” “Nope,” said Timothy as he did a backflip.
“Then keep looking.” Demanded Charlotte.
As they were searching for clues they suddenly fell through an old mine shaft!
“Ahhhh!” They yelled as they fell to the bottom of the mine shaft. “Ouch!” They shouted as they landed.
As they looked around they saw a tunnel, so they went inside in hope of finding a way out of the dark pit.
“Ah!” Timothy shouted. A spider!”
“Oh don’t be such a baby.” Charlotte laughed. “A snake!” Charlotte screamed.
“ Now Who’s the baby?” Timothy chuckled.
“Well snakes are bigger.” Charlotte spat back.
“You’re right, let’s get out of here!” Timothy said.
As they went farther down the tunnel Charlotte thought she saw a light.
“Did you see that Timmy?” Charlotte asked.
“ Yeah it looks like a signal.” he answered.
As they walked nearer they saw people talking, but they couldn’t make out what they were saying.
“What are they saying?” asked Timothy.
“Shh,” Charlotte whispered. “We don’t want them to hear us!”
“Hey who’s that?” One of the thieves shouted. “Get them.”
“Run!” Shouted Timothy.
As they ran Charlotte cut her light brown skin on a safe.
“Ouch!” “I cut my arm on a safe!” Charlotte said puzzled.
“Ooh” said Timothy. “That looks bad.” “Well it looks like they stopped following us.” “I guess we can stop running and take a look around.”
When they looked inside the safe they found a thousand dollars, one big ruby, two emeralds, and a diamond.
“This is is the stuff that was stolen from Grampa’s house!” Charlotte said in excitement, she didn’t dare shout it because she was afraid the thieves would hear her.
“We’ve got to catch those thieves that just chased us.” They said in unison.
They went to set up a trap for the thieves. As they were setting up an old net they found near the safe, Timothy heard faint voices in the distance.
“Shh,” he whispered to Charlotte. “They’re coming.” “On the count of three.” “One, two, three.” “Yes!” “We got ’em!”
“Grrr,” one the men growled. “I can’t believe we got caught by some kids.
“ Charlotte, stay here and keep an eye on the thieves. Timothy said in excitement. “I thought I saw a staircase, I’ll get help.”
“O.K.” she replied.
Timothy then ran up the dark staircase, when he got to a trapdoor, he opened it and found he was in the kitchen.
“Dad! Mr. Overly!” Timothy shouted.
“What is it son?” Timothy’s father asked.
“Charlotte is with the thieves!” He said out of breath.
“Where is she we must save her! His father shouted.
“ No no.” Timothy sighed. “We captured them, she’s fine she’s keeping her eye on them.”
“Well were is she?” Mr. Overly asked in a surprised voice.
“Follow me” said Timothy.
“ Charlotte what were you thinking, I’ve been looking all over for you.” Her grandfather said.
“Timmy and I fell through an old mine shaft.” She said.”
“And we found a safe full of the money and jewels that were stolen from you.” Timothy added.
“ I’m proud of you son and you too Charlotte just solved a very important case.” Timothy’s father said.
“When they got out of the dark tunnel
Mr. Overly said. “Oh my goodness!” “ It’s my butler Mr. Brown and his son Robert!” We could’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those darn kids.” They mumbled. “Charlotte, Timothy because of this good deed you have done I now pronounce you real detectives.” Timothy’s father said.
“I have a question.” Said Timothy. “What was that blinking light?”
“That was me.” said Robert.”It’s dark down there.”


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