An excerpt from “Just for Kids” a pseudo diary based on actual events taken from my upcoming book, Strains of Glory A Maine Country Scrapbook)

Mrs. Ward is going to be so upset with me this morning, Diary, for getting further behind in arithmetic. But oh how I hate arithmetic. I keep putting off trying to catch up. I’m so glad Miss Fuller is a friend of my mother’s and is willing to help with it because I’ve really missed a lot but by staying out of school with stomachaches and I’m so far behind and it’s almost time for achievement tests. If I don’t pass, I won’t be able to go into high school next fall.
I like Miss Fuller. She’s so nice. She always has a little treat or a trick to play on us. I love to hear her laugh. She laughs a lot. It’s a nice little chuckle in her throat. It makes me happy. Annie doesn’t like her because she gets after her about missing school when she isn’t sick. But I wish she were my teacher. Why do things have to be that way? It’s always what you don’t want that’s what you get and the other person gets what you want.
Mrs. Ward is a good teacher, though. She’s pretty strict, but she lets me help the little kids with their reading, and if anyone needs help with spelling, tells them to ask me. The last spelling bee was pretty close between me and Marilyn. I was ashamed that she won because she’s two years younger than me. It’s hard when your standing alone on one side of the school room and everyone is watching and waiting for you to spell the word correctly. I try to stay on the good side of Mrs. Ward because she can make you feel pretty ashamed sometimes if you’ve done something wrong. I heard her first name the other day. It’s Glendora. I’ve never heard that name and I thought it was so weird. I went around the schoolyard saying it over and over. Finally she heard me and told me I shouldn’t do that – I felt awful. But at least she wasn’t angry with me.

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