From Strains of Glory, my upcoming book –

My heart is lifted in song – that’s where I want to be,
Always lifting up, as others have lifted me.

The melodies of life help heal a wounded soul.
Sometimes they are deep and sad, but however music rolls
it gives healing and help to the whole.

Through strains of glory, my heart is drawn to things gone past, both here in America and in the countries of my ancestral homes. I am drawn as never before with the desire to know – to be – what they were –
I think!

Thank you, God, for my Mother; her patience, and her piano. Thank you, for days gone past. Thank you, for the effect, for the practical results of wanting to hear the piano once again, enough to encourage my daughter to learn to play; and two of my grandchildren –

Thank you for “Sunrise Tomorrow”and “O, beautiful for Spacious Skies”(“America”), and “In the Garden”, and “Chief Bugaboo”, and “Fur Elise”. Thank you for the memories they cause to resound in my heart.

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