Favorite Foods and a Little Red Pig

I was a pretty fussy eater, but I always looked forward to baked beans and brown-bread every Saturday night. No one could make them like Mama. Yum. I also really liked corn fritters or creamed toast for breakfast. My favorite mid-week meal was American Chop Suey – only my mother’s. She made pea soup which I despised. That was one of Norma’s favorites. Daddy always insisted on dessert for supper and on Sunday. Jello was a big one, but Mama made wonderful chocolate cake and pies. Norma got really good at making pies- especially Lemon, I remember. Our Sunday meals were usually chicken or ham. Slaughtering the chicken was quite an affair and required use of the old chopping block and a good sharp hatchet. Daddy did attempt to teach us how to do that, but I think Lucille was the only one who actually used to do it – especially when Daddy was gone. The rest of us got the miserable job of picking it, which consisted of picking out what was left of the feathers after Daddy got most of them out.
We had ham when Daddy was around and we could raise a pig. What a job “slopping the hogs, as they say. I was afraid of them, but Jean used to jump into the pen with them. There was a time when we had a little red pig. It seemed as though he knew whenever Sunday morning came because he would somehow escape the pig pen and come running up to the house. In which case we, all (in our Sunday best) would have to chase it and put it back before we could leave for Sunday School. I’m sure Mama loved that!

This is an excerpt from my book of childhood memories, Strains of Glory, coming out soon!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Foods and a Little Red Pig

  1. Remember the little red pig dad got us? He was in a tall box and got out, and we chased him around the greenhouse for hours I think! Good memories- making “pig potatoes” out of the tiny potatoes from the garden, cooked with who knows what and milk. It was a special meal for the little pig and looked good enough for humans 🙂

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