A Christmas Song

A Christmas Song

By Flora Jackson Sawyer

In everything give thanks;
Did not Christ come?
Has not the precious victory been won?
Did not the lowly cattle hear His cry?
Does not the whole world know
He came to die?

In everything give thanks.
Though tinseled throng
Hangs the glory where it does not belong,
You, believer, are not asking why.
In everything give thanks …
Did not He die?

In everything give thanks;
The Christ – Child came,
And grew, then died in agony and shame.
To do the Father’s will His sacrifice,
And, Praise His Name,
Did not He rise!?

While the whole world is wrapped up in it’s gifts.
The Savior sits beside the Father’s throne
Waiting till creation itself shall lift
It’s voice in praise to Him, and Him alone.

In everything give thanks
This Christmas Day
Though others may celebrate in their own way.
Remember Christ is coming once again,
So Praise His Name among the sons of men.


Christmastime by Carleigh Sawyer – age 10

Ice skating is a wonderful thing to do with a wintery blanket of snow all around you.
Today is the day of our dear Christ’s birthday;
The story of Jesus is told, and that never gets old.
Christmas is about family and love;
Christmas songs are sung,
Eggnog and hot chocolate are drunk,
And snow flakes fall all around your house.