The Snowbirds arrived this morning (otherwise known as Slate-colored Juncos) I love their bright, cheerful presence,their clear-cut lines of dark gray above and pure white bellies. Flitting amongst the fallen leaves peck-peck-pecking to their hearts content – never mind that they’re a harbinger of winter, just enjoy their merry presence.
The gorgeous colored leaves have not all fallen, but the brisk feel of fall is still in the air. Here and there a homely chimney wafts its first flickering start to cold weather. But, oh the beauty that yet surrounds us – oh to have the talent of a true artist; the gift of capturing those subtle shades of colors mushrooming across the the mountain tops, or the dazzle of early morning dew rising from the reflective waters of a placid pond. Yet even the most creative artist can never capture it all.
Isn’t that like God? To shower us with heavenly beauty and cause us to long for more? To give us just a glimpse of what Heaven might be like –. As well, to reveal to us that, though the winter is coming, our hearts must be delighted with today – and look with hope toward what lies beyond.


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