B Meme

I’ll admit the day looked a bit bleak when I started out, but when Buzzy arrived I thought, oh, Boy, here comes Buzzy, this bleak day is going to be a blast. Ha, ha, Buzzy doesn’t seem too know anything about bleary. He’s just plain a blessing. We began discussing blessings and bleariness, Buzzy and I. I said, “Buzzy, how can you be so upbeat all the time. Don’t you ever get blue?”
“Of course I get blue, He said, “I was born with that old sinful nature just like everyone else, but God gave me a new nature when I received Jesus as my Savior. So when I get the blues, I bow my head and pray. I ask Jesus to change my blues to blessings and help me to share my blessings with someone else. You know what – He does! And guess who gets the most benefit – ME!”
What a blast!

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