By Flora Jackson Sawyer

Genesis 50:20 KJV

“But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it for good; to bring to pass as it is this day to save much people alive.”

What is your trouble at the moment? Is it obscuring your vision? Dulling your senses? Consuming you with fear, anxiety, bitterness or hatred? Are you reaching a point where you can see no answer or solution whatsoever? Joseph was not called a man after God’s own heart as David was, yet I think he must have run a close second. Oh, I don’t think he had the faith of a giant. But, I think he must have kept reminding God of His promises, of His responsibility to be true to His Word regarding the visions He had given him throughout his childhood. He may have even been a bit cocky as he shared his dreams with his brothers and parents. We don’t know . We certainly know that he was not perfect , because God’s Word tell us that no one is! As he became became increasingly aware of the hostility of his brothers, he still innocently trusted them. But they were not to be trusted.

Is there a situation where you feel alone, unsafe, or, at the least, uncomfortable? Joseph, no doubt, began to acquire a sense of desolation, or, at least isolation. As he grew, his situation became worse and worse. His attempts to win his brother’s favor only intensified their hatred toward him. The sense of rejection and hopelessness must have become overwhelming at times. He must have wondered
where God was, and asked, “Why me?” many times. As children we turn to God quite readily, yet as we grow we tend to complain about what He allows in our lives. We are continually given choices regarding trust. Even as with a parent, we can trust them to be making right choices for us when they refuse something that would not be good for us – even when they choose something painful for us such as surgery, or separation, or a horrible thing like Castor Oil if it would eventually help us. So it is with God. He has a panoramic view. We can trust Him!

Here was Joseph – in a pit of despair, with no hope of rescue. Joseph must have even reached the point of fear and dread – maybe even times of anger – as he heard his brothers plot his death. Then, how his hopes must have soared as he heard his brother, Reuben, lay out a plan to save is life, only to be denied rescue as his other brothers plotted to sell him as a slave. His emotions on a roller coaster ride, he would have been constantly asking the God of his visions exactly what was going on. We don’t read exactly how God answered Joseph’s prayers as he grew. Maybe because He wants us to know he will answer in His own way – in whatever situation He chooses for us. But, it’s obvious, that in the end Joseph knew the answer, and had learned through the experiences allowed in His life, that God had an ultimate purpose, and “…meant it for good”. Remember, God hasn’t changed and never will. He says, “I am the Lord, I change not …”. Go to His Word, and Trust Him!