Calvary’s Cross was but an Open door

This is the day my Lord was crucified.
They led Him to the cross in shame.
“Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” The howling people cried.
He did not resist. Oh, Praise His Holy Name.

For me He was made sin who had no sinful thought.
For me He suffered to the depths of Hell.
Can it be? Could God allow this wicked plot?
My great Almighty God who doeth all things well?

Yes! Yes, for me He let my Savior die;
and dear Lord Jesus, You were willing, too.
For You could see beyond the day the reason why;
sin’s shackles would fall off and I would be made new!

For Calvary’s Cross was but and open door;
the tomb was but a resting place
until the grave was unsealed forevermore,
Heaven’s Portals opened to sinners saved by grace.


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