Are you Overwhelmed?

  Are You Overwhelmed? By Flora Jackson Sawyer

Psalm 18: 16: “He sent from above, He drew me out of many waters ….”


Beginning a new day always has its hopeful element. It’s like starting a new year – we try to forget what has gone before and reach forth to that which lies ahead. But sometimes we don’t forget what’s behind. We hold onto the weight of what’s gone before. We drag it into the new day and start struggling forward as in slow motion through water. It seems like something is pulling on us and holding us back, even dragging us under at times.

 How wonderful is God’s insight into our lives, and the metaphors He uses so apropos. “He drew me out of many waters …”; He looks down at us and sees us swimming more like a hippopotamus unable to do more than plop into the water for a bath, than a sleek shiny swordfish out to

conquer its meal. “He delivered me from my strong enemy (Satan) and from them which hated me, for they were too strong for me. They prevented me in the day of my calamity; but the Lord was my stay. He brought me forth into a large place: He delivered me because He delighted in me.” VV. 17-19

 Can you believe it? He delights in YOU! He will make today count. So stop struggling with what’s holding you back and “preventing” you. Talk with Him who loves you. Confess your total inability to help yourself. Reach out your hand in faith to Him who is able to save you from a worthless day, just as He can save you from a worthless life.

                                                                   Psalm 18:16-19 KJV


Flora Jackson Sawyer lives in Warren, Maine.  


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