“Unto us a Son is Given”

Beginning this month thinking of the birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.


I wrote this poem back in 2011.  Hope you enjoy it!


Jesus, Lord of Heaven and earth, I lift my heart to thee;

To thee who planned Messiah’s birth and dark Gethsemane


The Christmas Story tells far more than festive food and trees.

It is the birth of God’s own Son who died on Calvary.


While all the earth proclaims His birth, I wonder if they know

His blood was shed on Calvary long, long ago.


The Cross is shunned on earth today by this old world below

They hate the bloody sacrifice,; they do not want to know.


But Christ was born in Bethlehem to set the whole world free; 

To rescue us from sin’s dark curse when He died on Calvary.


The cords of death could not prevent the mighty plan of God.

Christ conquered Death and Hell the day He rose up from the dead!


What will YOU celebrate this year?  The decorations, bright;

The feasts of food and silver bells twinkling in the night?


I pray the God of Heaven and earth will make the message clear

So you can know the birth of Christ’s true meaning for this year.





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