Cold Weather’s Come

Cold Weather’s Come

By Flora Jackson Sawyer


The birds have flown

the winter nears

and you my love have gone

the birds will find

their nesting place

but I will face the winter yet alone


God, is there not relief for me?

my heart grows cold

for lack of sympathy…


be glad dear one

for I have seen 

and hold a place

where angels have not been


(the gentle hum

of winging birds

is ne’er so sweet 

as when His voice is heard)


so wait dear one

let not that pain

cause you to fall

but soar above the rain

so that one day

thy heart with wings

shall share the joy 

and peace His gladness brings



Fall Rustlings

Death and Dead Leaves – on the death of Levi F.

by Flora Jackson Sawyer

empty the cup of your laughter

filled to the brim with tears

looking toward the hereafter

quaking with unknown fears

so to the foot of the mountains

you climbed with zeal and zest

disdaining the lofty heights

of rewarding quest

pitiful you are lying

hopeless with naught but your dreams

and what are they but dying

leaves in a winter stream