The Robins have arrived!

Hello!  Are you hankering for SPRING?  Can’t wait to hear the words, “Spring has sprung!”?  Guess what – the Robins are here!!  Won’t be long now… 

I did so enjoy the wonderful whiteness of new-fallen snow – even the three feet we got last week!  But,  I guess that’s partly because we can enjoy it for awhile, then smile when it goes. 🙂  I love the diversity of the seasons.  All given to us by an imaginative and powerful Creator.  

Winter closes us in to meditate, and ponder and script the view of majestic handiwork of burdened trees and sculpted drifts.  Then, Spring awakens us to new life and fresh ideas, and spurs us into action where we may experience the gentle rain on our faces and breathe the delightful  fragrances of apple blossoms and new-turned soil.

Where are your thoughts, right now?  

Some of you began scoring your seed catalogs long ago and have put in your orders and have even started some seedlings.  Good for you!  Maybe  you’re just waiting for the roads to clear and the potholes to be filled so you can begin your spring jogging challenge.  Me, I’m determined to keep up better with my writing and especially posting on my blogs.

In the midst of it all, lets keep on eyes on Jesus, who is the giver of life, and who after all, as its says in Psalm 139, has created us and formed us in our mother’s womb, and so must have a wonderful purpose for each of us whatever the “season” of our life.