Trending into Fall

The Fall season brings chills and excitement. Tension mounts as the days on our calendar fill in. We begin to shiver as we line up our list of activities : Shopping for school. School begins: homework, sports tryouts, bus schedules. New time schedules at work. New Fall church activities added. Rearrangement of sleep and chore schedules for the kids. New ideas for writing projects. The latest tempting fall book releases to read.

It can be overwhelming and become so tempting to let the mornings and evenings get filled with the same. Time has been given to us by God. There’s a time to every purpose under Heaven. Each of us has been given 24 hours in each day. Let’s begin it with God and end it with God, taking time to acknowledge His gift of time. I am reminded of the old saying I embroidered (with paint embroidery) and put into a frame for my mother over 30 years ago: “Each day is God’s gift to you, let it blossom and grow into a day of beauty”.